EMTA is the network of public transport authorities that organise mobility services in metropolitan areas in Europe

  • Updated13 October 2023
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Since 1998, EMTA is a forum to exchange experience and best practices in the field of planning, integrating and funding public transport services at the metropolitan level. It follows a programme of work elaborated by its members.

EMTA brings together 34 authorities from 21 European countries

Together, EMTA members work to improve the daily mobility solutions offered to more than 100 million Europeans. They are responsible for organising safe, smart, sustainable and healthy mobility options in areas stretching well beyond the borders of the core municipality. By doing so, they reconnect cities with suburban and more remote areas, setting up affordable solutions for all.

EMTA is the voice of public transport authorities

EMTA publishes white papers and position papers reflecting the leadership and expertise of local public transport authorities in the deployment of sustainable mobility solutions. It produces statistics for more than 20 years to capture the latest trends in ridership, ticket revenue and operating cost.

EMTA Members