SYTRAL mobilités
21 boulevard Vivier Merle CS 63815
F-69487 Lyon cedex 3

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Basic information

Name of the public transport authority: SYTRAL Mobilités

Other public transport trademarks: TCL (Transports en commun lyonnais – Lyon area urban transport system), Libellule (Villefranche-sur-Saône urban transport system), Cars du Rhône (interurban transport system), Rhônexpress (airport shuttle connecting Lyon to Saint-Exupéry airport), Optibus

Geographical area: 263 municipalities, including the city of Lyon and the surrounding area. See the map of the area on the SYTRAL website.

Inhabitants in the PTA area: 1.9 million


Ticketing: Ticket system, pricing policy.

Procurement: SYTRAL Mobilités awards contracts to operate all the networks within its scope, with different contractual arrangements depending on the networks or services (public service delegation or public contract).

Rolling stock and depot ownership: SYTRAL Mobilités owns the rolling stock and depots on all of its networks, except rolling stock and depots on the “Car du Rhône” network.

Public transport planning: SYTRAL Mobilités is responsible for route planning and planning the public transport service level.

Development of mobility policy / Transport system planning: SYTRAL Mobilités is responsible for developing mobility policy and planning the transport system. SYTRAL Mobilités is currently developing the mobility plan for the Lyon territories 2026–2040. SYTRAL Mobilités has no responsibilities that go beyond public transport.

Marketing of public transport: The marketing of public transport is not the responsibility of SYTRAL Mobilités. Until 2024, it is the responsibility of transport operators. From 2025 it will be entrusted to a local public company (société publique locale) responsible for user relations.

Passenger information: SYTRAL Mobilités is responsible for passenger information. From 2025, passenger information will be entrusted to a local public company (société publique locale) responsible for user relations.

Organisational model

Local public company (société publique locale)

SYTRAL Mobilités is a local public establishment. Its Board of Directors is chaired by the President of the Métropole de Lyon. The board consists of 38 elected officials representing all of the territories that are members of SYTRAL Mobilités (Métropole de Lyon, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, Communities of Municipalities and member municipalities).

Transport service contracting

Procured by the PTA: urban buses, metro, trams, light rail

Not procured by the PTA, but most/all services accept PTA tickets: regional buses within the PTA

Not procured by the PTA, most/all services do not accept PTA tickets: regional buses stretching outside of the PTA, commuter trains, regional trains

Other modes of public transport: river shuttle (from 2024), transportation on demand

Current developments

The current mandate plan, amounting to 2.5 billion euros, aims in particular to develop new transport lines. After the extension of metro line B, 3 new tram lines, 1 BRT line and a river shuttle line will be put into service by 2024.

The metro systems are also being improved and renewed, and new rolling stock is being acquired with an ambition for energy transition. The capacity of the network is being strengthened by the acquisition of new trams.