SYTRAL publishes a monitoring report on transport plans

  • Updated3 October 2006
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The Urban Renewal act voted in 2000 grants French public transport authorities responsibilities in administration/companies transport plans. SYTRAL, Lyon transport authority has proposed partnership agreements with employers within its geographical area, with the support of Keolis Lyon, operator of public transport networks and ADEME, environment and energy savings national agency.

These partnerships include methodological support to identify issues, propose solutions and monitor the implementation.

The panel of possible solutions includes reduction of parking places used by employees, which means a better ccessibility for visitors and lower parking costs for employers. Employees benefit from 25% or 50% discounted public transport fares on passes (City Pass PDE) available at their workplace, 1-hour free bicycle rental service (available in the whole city of Lyon), free access to park and ride facilities.

The community benefits from less polluted and congested roads and less car accidents, which is also a benefit for employers as traffic accidents lead to average work interruptions of two months.

In September 2006, 60 employers have contracted a partnership agreement with SYTRAL and more than 6000 people own a city pass PDE, 9% of which were previously car drivers for home-work trips.

The reduced fare for City Pass PDE is funded by SYTRAL on a fixed basis (3.75€ per month) and by the employer at a level varying from €7.45 to €18.65.