Consorcio de Transportes de Bizkaia
Ugasko 5 bis,1a planta
E-48014 Bilbao

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Basic information

Name of the public transport authority: CTB – Bizkaia Transport Consortium

Name of the PTA in local language: Consorcio de Transportes de Bizkaia (CTB)

Other public transport trademarks: Bizkaiko Garraio Partzuergoa

Geographical area: Province of Biscay

Inhabitants in the PTA area: 1.2 million



CTB is responsible for public transport ticketing in the province of Biscay through the Barik card, including ticket validations and sales.

The missions of CTB are:

  • to assist with financing the Bilbao Metropolitan Railway infrastructure, and carrying out general superstructure and fitting projects
  • to operate the Bilbao Metropolitan Railway through Metro Bilbao S.A., a publicly-owned company in which the Bizkaia Transport Consortium holds 100% of the shares
  • to ensure sound operation of the transport system in Bizkaia province, taking any measures required in conjunction with other authorities
  • to exercise any authority invested in the Consortium by virtue of a plan for arrangement and coordination of public transport in Bizkaia

Organisational model


The Consorcio de Transportes de Bizkaia was created in December 1975 as an organisation independent from its members. Its budget comes from the Basque Government, the Diputacion Foral de Bizkaia and from operations. The Board has 26 members:

  • Basque Governement: 13 members
  • Bizkaia county government: 2 members
  • Municipality of Bilbao: 2 members
  • Other municipalities: 9 members

Transport service contracting

Not procured by the PTA, but most/all services accept PTA tickets: urban buses, regional buses within the PTA, regional buses stretching outside of the PTA, metro, commuter trains, trams, ferries, elevators, transporter bridge

Current developments

As of 2024:

  • Use of contactless cards and QR in the different transport modes of Biscay
  • Analysis of the ABT (account-based ticketing) model for future implementation