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  • 21 August 2023


Basic information Name of the public transport authority: Ruter Geographical area: City of Oslo and Akershus county. Inhabitants in the PTA area: 1.4 million Responsibilities Ticketing: Ruter is responsible for the ticket system, ticket sales and ticket inspection on vehicles administered by Ruter. Ruter is a publicly owned company, and the ticket system and prices of the tickets

  • 25 August 2015
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Responsible authorities

Ruter AS Organization Ruter As is the public transport (PT) authority for the City of Oslo and Akershus County. Ruter is a limited company, and Oslo and Akershus hold 60% and 40 % of the shares respectively. Ruter is the regional body of PT competence. Its main tasks are the planning, management, tendering and marketing

  • 12 May 2022
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Position papers

EMTA joins an open letter calling for a stronger role for public transport in the European legislation – 6 May 2024Read the news piece about the open letterRead the open letter EMTA joins a coalition calling for more EU budget for local transport – 4 Apr 2024More about the coalitionRead the leaflet EMTA joins a

  • 7 May 2024
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Joint open letter to the EU institutions: European public transport sector calls for strong support for public transport

In an open letter addressed to the EU Institutions, EMTA, EPTO, Eurocities, IRU, Polis and UITP argue that the indispensable role of public transport in shaping sustainable urban mobility deserves special attention during the next legislative term. Moving over 50 billion passengers annually, public transport stands as the most sustainable, efficient, and inclusive mass transit

  • 24 August 2023

Contact your peers

This page provides the contact details of all EMTA members and specifies who is the formal EMTA delegate in each public transport authority. Caution: Contact details of the following members have last been updated in 2022: Birmingham, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Paris, Sofia, Vienna, Warsaw

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  • Event10 April 2024 to 12 April 2024
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Krakow: 10 to 12 April 2024

The 51st General Meeting of EMTA was organised in Krakow, Poland, on 10-12 April 2024. Download the presentations About Krakow and ZTP: About the 35th member of EMTA, Toulouse: Session on driver shortage: Session on public transport infrastructure: EMTA current affairs: See the photos Photos of the event can be found here! Meeting venue The

  • 23 February 2024
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2024 – Staff shortages – Vervoerregio Amsterdam

Vervoerregio Amsterdam was seeking your input on staff shortages. In the Amsterdam region, the operators are struggling with staff shortages. Transport authorities in the Netherlands are looking for their role: what they can and cannot do? Vervoerregio Amsterdam is interested in the situation in other European regions and how they are dealing with staff shortages,

  • 17 October 2023
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2023 – Ticketing systems – DTPM (Santiago)

This survey was conducted by the Public Transport Authority of Santiago, Chile, specifically the Metropolitan Public Transport Directorate (DTPM) within the Transport and Telecommunications Ministry. The authority is in the midst of a comprehensive modernisation process for the Public Transportation System and, as part of this initiative, is conducting various research activities, consultations, and tenders.

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