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  • 7 December 2023
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Warsaw will procure a new ticketing system

In about 3 years from now, passengers in the Warsaw metropolitan area will use a new ticketing system that will be quick, easy, comfortable and intuitive. The Public Transport Authority (ZTM) has just started the procedure to select a contractor for the project. “Setting up a new ticketing system is a very large, long-term and

  • 9 November 2023
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Metropolitan Transport Company unanimously approved in Porto

On 3 November 2023, the Metropolitan Council of Porto approved the creation of the Metropolitan Transport Company. A new chapter opens for the region and reflects a commitment to improving mobility and quality of life. “A historic document” for Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, president of the Porto Metropolitan Council (CMP), highlighting his role as mediator and

  • Event10 April 2024 to 12 April 2024
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Krakow, 2024

The 51st General Meeting of EMTA will be organised in Krakow, Poland, on 10-12 April 2024. EMTA members are invited to contribute to the agenda by proposing topics or by offering presentations/interventions. To do so, please email A formal invitation letter is signed Łukasz Franek, CEO of the public transport authority of Krakow (ZTP):

  • 29 August 2023


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  • 2 January 2014
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In 2014, EMTA decided to stop to produce a printed version of the Directory.You could find the same informations on our members pages in the network section. Older versions

  • 12 May 2022
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Position papers

The Barcelona Declaration calls for a greater recognition of the active and central role played by public transport authorities in delivering a broad range of policy goals – 27 Oct 2023More about the Barcelona Declaration EMTA Position: CO2 emissions targets on buses must not result in greater car use and accelerate climate change – 30

  • 6 August 2022
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Barometer 2024 – Based on 2013-2023 data The next edition of the EMTA barometer is in preparation. It will be published in July 2024, will include data up to 2023 and give more attention to tracking changes in public transport statistics since 2013. The next edition will have a particular focus on costs, revenue and

  • 14 September 2023
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Improper MDMS regulation will fragment metropolitan public transport services

In an open letter to the EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean, EMTA reacts on open ticketing policy options that would impose on local rail services the rules designed for long distance rail services. EMTA alerts on the risk of fragmentation of the metrpolitan integrated public transport systems, used by millions of Europeans daily for their

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  • 10 March 2023
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“Public Transport is a Woman” in Warsaw

On 8 March 2023 – International Women’s Day – a conference titled „Public Transport is a Woman” was held at ZTM headquarters in Warsaw. The idea behind the event was to show that in a male-dominated industry such as public transport, women also demonstrate skills, clout and can effectively supervise and implement large projects. Women

  • 17 August 2023


The President & the Board EMTA is controlled by a board elected by members at general meetings for a 2-year renewable term. The current board, elected 26 October 2023, is as follows: Other members of the Board The Team of the Secretariat EMTA is organised on a voluntary basis into working groups on subjects decided

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