Vilnius is becoming the European capital with the most up-to-date public transport

In 2017, a record-breaking update of public transport was initiated in the capital of Lithuania. Currently there are almost 300 new public transport vehicles operating in Vilnius: at least 250 new buses and 41 new trolleybuses. These numbers show that 6 out of 10 buses in the streets of Vilnius are completely new: there is

Fig. 1. Number of trips in Vilnius city by public transport

News about public transport in Vilnius

According to the results of 2017 research of passengers flow in Vilnius, about 514 thousand passengers are transported in Vilnius by public transport on the working day. In fact, about 24.1% of all travels in Vilnius is done by public transport. Passengers flow in public transport are presented Fig. 1 After being launched last autumn,


From private cars to Public Transport

Like most European capitals Vilnius city is facing congestion problems. It looks for solutions on how to save the time of the citizens and how to control the constantly rising private car use and pollution from traffic. A few innovations recently adopted by Vilnius city council are aimed to encourage citizens to switch from private

Vilnius : Bicycle-Friendly Transit = Bicycle-Friendly City

On the end of August Velobuses started to run in Vilnius city. Velobuses are special buses that that are equipped and have special designated areas for bikes, therefore public transport passengers can easily take their bikes on the road and more importantly this additional service is free of charge. It is a pilot project, therefore


Hello passenger! All you need under one roof

At the end of July the ME ‘Susisiekimo paslaugos’ customer information centre was opened. Here residents and guests can not only buy public transport tickets or plan their trips, but also get parking permits and pay fees. There thousands of passengers who each day travel to and from Vilnius city, having public transport information centre


The power of advertising

ME ‘Susisiekimo paslaugos’ recently took a completely different approach when it comes to promoting PT services. In the early days of Autumn advertising School ‘The Atomic Garden Vilnius‘ in cooperation with the ME ‘Susisiekimo paslaugos’ gathered together young people from Vilnius and other cities to look for innovative solutions that will promote city residents to


Customer information

This summer Vilnius again have some exciting news to share with our dear colleagues! We recently have been working a lot on of the main fields when it comes to any service provider, whether than would be public authority or grocery market and that is CUSTOMER INFORMATION. We always work on improving our services according


Young one, foreign one, and a little one!

Vilnius has positive news to report that we believe is worth sharing with you this winter! Passengers are our top priority therefore, we are always looking for new ways to improve our services, and make journeys with public transport more pleasant. In these past few months, we have thought of three different groups of passengers,


Working towards the integrated public transport system

Spring is definitely the time for innovations and apart from a nice weather there is other exiting news Vilnius transport feels is worth sharing. On the 24th of April a national take up seminar took place in Vilnius. The seminar was initiated by international TIDE project. TIDE – ‘Transport Innovation Deployment for Europe’ is a


Vilnius implements E-ticketing

As of 1 December 2007 electronic ticketing (e-ticketing) is in operation in Vilnius. The implementation comes as the result of a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) project which was initiated by Vilnius City Municipality. The project was initiated in 2004, when the three biggest Lithuanian cities – Vilnius (554.409 inhabitants), Kaunas (358.111 inhabitants) and Klaipeda