Vilnius : Bicycle-Friendly Transit = Bicycle-Friendly City

  • Updated15 November 2016
  • News

On the end of August Velobuses started to run in Vilnius city. Velobuses are special buses that that are equipped and have special designated areas for bikes, therefore public transport passengers can easily take their bikes on the road and more importantly this additional service is free of charge. It is a pilot project, therefore now there are two bus routes that are equipped with special places for bicycles and on a daily basis help cyclists to „climb“ the hill, avoid difficult or dangerous road sections, reach the most remote areas in the north of Vilnius or simply help in case of unexpected change in weather conditions.


The main idea behind this pilot project is to find out whether such service is needed and would be popular among the residents of Vilnius. If successful, the service will be expanded. Velobuses positively contributes to the cycling promotion and goes hand in hand with the foreseen improvements of bicycle lane infrastructure in Vilnius city. The increase of the number of cyclists in the city not only means healthier, more active society, but also less private cars on the streets, traffic jams and pollution.

For more information: Gintare Krusinskaite