EMTA Barometer 2024 is released

  • Updated19 June 2024
  • Barometer

Public transport ridership figures remain below 2019 in most European metropolitan areas. Consequently, the financial situation of the public transport authorities is strained. These are some of the findings from the 17th edition of the EMTA Barometer, released on 19 June 2024 by the European Public Transport Authorities (EMTA).

EMTA Barometer combines public transport statistics from all EMTA members – 35 metropolitan areas in 21 countries. Apart from ridership figures and the state of the COVID-19 recovery, the barometer sheds light on modal shares, car ownership, the electrification of the bus fleets, public transport supply and demand, and operating costs and revenues.

This year’s edition is based on data from 2023. Another novelty is an online dashboard, which makes it easier to look at the results.

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