Nottingham City Council joins pteg on 19 May 2009

Nottingham City Council has joined pteg as an associate member. Nottingham will join pteg’s existing associate members – Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and Transport for London. Chair of pteg Neil Scales said: “We are delighted to welcome Nottingham City Council as an associate member of the pteg network. With their excellent tram system, growing public


16 December – Montpellier (Line 2) : a tram partially operated with single track

The second tram line of Montpellier will complete the existing Est/West line 1 with a 19.6-kilometre long line serving 35 stations from North to South and 6 park and ride facilities. The investment costs amount to € 400 million. Line 2 will meet line 1 at four different stations of the city-centre, serving an alternative


13 November – Clermont-Ferrand (line 1) : an innovative tyre technology from Translohr

The specificity of the first tramway line of this city (14-kilometre long, 31 stations, € 290 million invested) lies mainly in the technology using the Translohr tram on tyres. The result is a combination of excellent performances in terms of acceleration /braking, noise, and climbing (up to 13%) with the benefits of guided systems, however

Rail services improvements foreseen in Switzerland

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) are currently working on the strategic planning of rail services for 2030: the Zukünftige Entwicklung der Bahnprojekte (ZEB). Concrete measures will be announced in 2006, as required by the Parliament. However, general guidelines of service improvements have been exposed in September. The scope covers all types of rail services: freight, long

New metro line and paying expressway in St Petersburg

St Petersburg metro network, made of 4 lines representing 100km will significantly grow in the coming years, with a target of 140 km by the year 2015, particularly in the northern area of the city. This extension plan includes a new line and the beginning of a circular line. These projects should lead to a

Innovative mobility concepts in London and in Lille

As mobility in urban areas shifts from commuter trips to more complex journeys, for various purposes and covering the whole day, transport system is expected to take more and more in account intermodality. Lille and London are experiencing two innovative concepts in this field : – LILLE, main city of the Northern part of France

Light rail works have started in Nice

Nice has been for a long time the largest French city without metro or light rail infrastructure, since the end of its tramway, sixty years ago. A tramway scheme has been designed and the main road works started in September. The scheme consists of three lines. The first line serves mainly the city itself, providing

RATP : first contracts outside Paris

RATP, the French state-owned company operating public transport systems in the central part of the Paris metropolitan area (turnover of €2.9 billion, 42,000 employees) won over the past months several contracts, the first ones outside its core territory. It was awarded, last Autumn, a three-year contract to assist the operation of the regional railways in