New metro line and paying expressway in St Petersburg

  • Updated8 April 2005
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St Petersburg metro network, made of 4 lines
representing 100km will significantly grow in
the coming years, with a target of 140 km by
the year 2015, particularly in the northern area
of the city.

This extension plan includes a new
line and the beginning of a circular line. These
projects should lead to a significant increase of
public transport modal split: public transport
journeys, that represent 33% of the trips are
expected to reach 42% in the future.

Another long term project lies in the construction
of a paying expressway, establishing a link
between the port, the main logistic areas the
ring road and the main motorways.

This 46 km
road will cost about €1.6bn. 50% will be
funded by the Russian State and the other
50% by private investors.

Private cars will pay
€0.60 and lorries €2.3 to use this infrastructure.