Light rail works have started in Nice

  • Updated9 December 2004
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Nice has been for a long time the largest
French city without metro or light rail
infrastructure, since the end of its
tramway, sixty years ago.

A tramway
scheme has been designed and the main
road works started in September. The
scheme consists of three lines.

The first
line serves mainly the city itself, providing
new transport facilities to more
than one third of its inhabitants. This 8.7
kilometres route will be in service in
2006, with a 4.5 km extension planned
for 2010.

The second line is a 16 km
project planned for 2010. However,
huge traffic congestion requires short
term solutions and an exclusive bus lane
will be built on a first 9.9 kilometres
section by 2005.

The third line is a 6 km
long term project planned for 2015.
The cost of this project amounts to €333
million for the first section of line 1 and
the exclusive bus lane for line 2, funded
by the central government (about 15%),
the regional council, the département
(8-10% each) and the main part by the