Rail services improvements foreseen in Switzerland

  • Updated8 November 2005
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Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) are
currently working on the strategic planning
of rail services for 2030: the Zukünftige
Entwicklung der Bahnprojekte (ZEB).

Concrete measures will be announced in
2006, as required by the Parliament.
However, general guidelines of service
improvements have been exposed in

The scope covers all types of rail
services: freight, long distance transport,
and local public transport. The program
focuses on infrastructure where absolutely
necessary and mainly on services where the
supply is not matching the demand

The ZEB will enhance the services
will improve the interconnections of mains
stations, that will become real transport
nodes, allowing smooth connections on the
hour and in some cases on the half hour.

Three infrastructure projects are in the
scope of the ZEB: the crossing of Zürich, the
missing link Tessin-Italy towards Milan and
the international express line CEVA between
Geneva and Annemasse (see below).

ZEB funding from federal government has been
estimated about €4 billion (6-7 billion CHF).