Stockholm PTA spurs data driven track maintenance

Is it possible to increase vehicle availability, reduce noise and reduce maintenance cost by combined actions? By purchasing the service of providing high quality real time track data the Public transport administration of Stockholm foresees great opportunities. In March 2017 the Public transport administration signed a contract for providing the service of real time track

Stockholm and Mobility-as-a-service pilots during 2018

Public transport in Stockholm County should be easily accessible, reliable and environmentally friendly. Trafikförvaltningen (Public transport administration SLL) is responsible for planning, coordination and tendering transport services. The number of travelers has been increasing each year. More than 780 000 people travel by public transport in Stockholm County each day. The various means of transport


BEST: Benchmarking of customer satisfaction with public transport in Europe

BEST stands for Benchmarking European Service of public Transport. It is a non-profit project that started in 1999 with the overall objective to increase the use of public transport in European urban areas. In 2008, the following cities participated in BEST: 1. Berlin 2. Copenhagen 3. Geneva 4. Helsinki 5. Oslo 6. Stockholm 7. Vienna

16 January- Stockholm Congestion Tax Trial : the role of Stockholm transport (SL)

The Congestion Tax Trial in Stockhom that took place from 3 January 2006 to 31 July 2006 represented a major challenge to SL (Stockholm transport). The trial called for the provision of expanded public transport meaning an increase of 7% in SL’s total traffic that had to be planned on a very short period of


Stockholm votes YES to congestion charge, but…

Residents from Stockholm’s 461 municipalities voted in a referendum, on 17 September 2006, about the controversial traffic-control system tested in the city centre over a period of seven months. A 53% majority voted in favour of the proposal as 46% voted against. The charging scheme would impose charges ranging from €1 to €2.10 each time

Stockholm one step forward for the new North-South tunnel

Stockholm’s suburban rail network crosses the city from North to South. This tunnel, build in 1871 constitutes however a bottleneck and doesn’t allow extra train services at peak hours, explaining the importance of bus service improvement during the congestion charging trial period (see EMTA News n°24). The Citybanan project is a 6-kilometre infrastructure that will

stockholm map

First results of Stockholm congestion charging

On 2 June 2003, the Stockholm City Council adopted a majority proposal to conduct congestion charges trials. The formal decision on implementation was made through the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) passing the Congestion Charges Act on 16 June 2004. The trials started on 22 August 2005 with extended public transport (see EMTA News 22). The congestion

Stockholm about to experiment congestion charging

The Municipality of Stockholm will experiment a trial period for congestion charging for all private vehicles crossing the city border on weekdays. Car users will have to pay for each crossing with a maximal daily fee of about €6 per day and per car. The trial will take place from 3 January to 31 July

Stockholm will try congestion charging during one year

The municipality of Stockholm adopted a proposal to introduce a congestion charging scheme covering the complete inner-town of the city for a 13- month trial period starting in June 2005. During this period, all car drivers entering or leaving the area between 6.30am and 6.30pm will have to pay a charge of SEK 2 (€2.2)

Loans granted by the European Investment Bank to support public transport development in Brussels, Dublin, and Stockhom

The European Investment Bank announced over the past months that it will grant loans to support the development of public transport systems in the following cities : – Brussels: a long-term loan of €250 million has been granted to STIB, the public transport company of the Belgian capital city, so as to modernise tramway infrastructures