Stockholm will try congestion charging during one year

  • Updated9 June 2004
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The municipality of Stockholm adopted a proposal
to introduce a congestion charging scheme covering
the complete inner-town of the city for a 13-
month trial period starting in June 2005.

During this
period, all car drivers entering or leaving the area
between 6.30am and 6.30pm will have to pay a
charge of SEK 2 (€2.2) at peak time (amount reduced
by half or three fourths at non-peak time).

The maximum charge for a day will be SEK 6 (€6.5).
No charge will be collected during the week-end.
The aim of this charge is to reduce car traffic by

SL, the public transport authority of the county of
Stockholm, foresees an increase of public transport
patronage by 5% at peak hours. In this context,
it plans to create more than 10 new bus lines
into the inner city and to increase the provision of
services on existing lines.

200 articulated buses
will be purchased and 300 additional bus drivers
will be recruited to provide these services.

The cost
of public transport investment in the system, estimated
at € 66 million, will be funded by the Swedish
government, that will also pay for the cost of
operation (€ 35 million every year).

After this trial, a referendum will be held on September
2006 so as to know if the people want to
keep this charge or not.