16 January- Stockholm Congestion Tax Trial : the role of Stockholm transport (SL)

  • Updated16 January 2007
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The Congestion Tax Trial in Stockhom that took place from 3 January 2006 to 31 July 2006 represented a major challenge to SL (Stockholm transport). The trial called for the provision of expanded public transport meaning an increase of 7% in SL’s total traffic that had to be planned on a very short period of a year time.The expanded public transport started nearly 6 month before the trial and lasted 5 month after the end of the trial.On 31 December 2006 SL’s agreement with the Government expired.

  • The project included extended fix tracks and bus services, new depots and workshops and additionnal spaces for park and ride facilities.
  • The patronage on public transport services increased by 6%, with a difference in modal share between the county in all and the center of Stockholm and close surroundings.In the former the increase of passengers was more in favor of buses especially direct buses stood for a tenth of the travelling increase and in the center area it was the underground which caught more than 50% of the travelling increase.
  • Travelling and travellers attitudes have been continuously
    monitored and interesting conclusions have been made about passengers choice of modes and impacts on quality of service
    (comfort on undergrounds) and on the use of expanded service off peak hours.

This comprehensive qualitative evaluation can be downloaded at
The financial aspects will be presented in a separate report in the year 2007.