Stockholm about to experiment congestion charging

  • Updated8 November 2005
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The Municipality of Stockholm will experiment
a trial period for congestion charging for all
private vehicles crossing the city border on

Car users will have to pay for
each crossing with a maximal daily fee of
about €6 per day and per car. The trial will
take place from 3 January to 31 July 2006
and a referendum will be held in September

The modal split of public transport is
expected to increase due to the charge. At
the moment 73% of peak hours trips to the
city centre are made by public transport.
This figure should reach 80% during the
trial period.

In order to anticipate this modal
shift, the transport authority SL increased its
services from last August with 14 new bus
lines representing 200 buses and a light
increase of rail services due to the limited
capacity of the track, that could be extended
but only in a long term project.

The project costs consist mainly of car
identification, fee collection system and
additional public transport provision.

The project
is 100% funded by the national government.
Costs amount to €363 million, including €50
million for public transport provision.