PlusBuses are a quality public transport product – A success story in 5 years

As a transport association, the VBB (Verkehrsverbund Berlin – Brandenburg) has the task of providing good bus and rail links to the whole VBB region. A real transport revolution involves shifting ever more traffic over to environmentally friendly public transport. At least, this is the demand and the major project of the political, business and


Connected mobility in VBB Berlin-Brandenburg: new Livemap for inclusive information on multimodal travel displaying locations for bikeshare, carshare, P&R and taxi

Since December 2015, the VBB Livemap not only includes information about public transport but on connected mobility services as well. In addition to current locations of the public means of transport the VBB Livemap shows locations where bike sharing and car sharing facilities are stationed. Taxi stands in the nearby area of the selected location


iFahrinfo – the new VBB App for your iPhone app

The official time table iPhone app for Berlin and Brandenburg shows all travel connection for train, bus, tram and ferry – and is for free. All time tables of more than 1.000 lines covering more than 13.000 stations of the 30.0000 square kilometer VBB-area are now fitting in the passenger´s pocket. The time table will


VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg leader in cross-border travel information

The ten years old international travel planner EU-Spirit coordinated by VBB Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg was honoured by the EU project LINK with the LINK Award in Brussels 15 April 2010. The award acknowledges the excellent performance in the field of intermodal public transport travel information. The EU-Spirit network offers cross-border timetable information on the Internet to


BEST: Benchmarking of customer satisfaction with public transport in Europe

BEST stands for Benchmarking European Service of public Transport. It is a non-profit project that started in 1999 with the overall objective to increase the use of public transport in European urban areas. In 2008, the following cities participated in BEST: 1. Berlin 2. Copenhagen 3. Geneva 4. Helsinki 5. Oslo 6. Stockholm 7. Vienna


The new airport Berlin-Brandenburg International (BBI) and its access to public transport

In 2011 the new airport of the capital region of Berlin will open. Located 30 km south-east of Berlin (near actual Schönefeld Airport) it will replace the three existing airport facilities. Connections to and from the new airport have been particularly studied to accommodate the foreseen 12-15 million passengers transiting each year. A new railway


New central station inaugurated in Berlin

The new Berlin Hauptbahnhof opened on 28 May, few days before the beginning of the Soccer World Cup 2006. With this new station, the whole rail network has been reorganised allowing new connections and huge time savings. In the past, the structure of the network was based on an east-west corridor and a 120-kilometre long

Financial agreement for Berlin new airport

Berlin Brandenbourg International airport funding has been approved by the airport authority; by private and public stakeholders, including the Federal State, the Länder of Berlin and Brandenbourg, the European Union. This €2bn project, located on the property of Schönenfeld current airport could open in 2010 and will provide an extra capacity of 20m passengers a

First « Passenger day » in Berlin-Brandeburg

VBB, the regional transport authority in Berlin- Brandenburg (6 million inhabitants on a 30,000km2 territory) held on 20th June the first “Passenger Day” for users of public transport systems. This initiative aimed to foster the exchange of information between the population, transport companies and public authorities, so as to promote the use of public transport