iFahrinfo – the new VBB App for your iPhone app


  • Updated25 May 2011
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The official time table iPhone app for Berlin and Brandenburg shows all travel connection for train, bus, tram and ferry – and is for free. All time tables of more than 1.000 lines covering more than 13.000 stations of the 30.0000 square kilometer VBB-area are now fitting in the passenger´s pocket. The time table will be updated once
a week (including changes because of constructions, special offers, or changes of the general time table) and will be gradually offered completely, according to the means of transport, with real-time data. The majority of the lines have to-the-minute data by now.


The New options feature:

  • Routing for public transport (additionally long distance trains);
  • Real time data (by now majority of the lines, being completed step-by-step), showing punctuality, delays, changes of platforms and alternative traffic connections;
  • Barrier-free routing;
  • My-favourites-option and auto-history for the last requests;
  • Information about the nearest station on the basis of current position;
  • Suggestion list whilst tipping of first letters of station, sights and addresses (input support);
  • Advanced search options for stopovers, choice of means of
    transport and individual preferences;
  • Compact design of routing alternatives with door-to-door
    navigation and walking distances;
  • Time remaining until departure of a certain line;
  • Filter for means of transport;
  • Augmented Reality (iPhone 4 only).

The iFahrinfo is for free, available in the iTunes store.

For more information: info@vbbonline.de