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Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund GMBH
Alte Bleiche 7
D-65719 Hofheim am Taunus

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Alte Bleiche 5 – 65719 Hofheim – Germany
Tel : 49 61 922 94 101 – Fax : 49 61 922 94 940

Managing Director and Chief Executive: Prof. Knut Ringat
Managing Director: Dr. André Kavai
Date of creation: May 1995
Status: Public Corporation


The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (Rhine/Main Regional Transport Association) is a consortium of 15 regional authorities and 11 municipal authorities. The responsibility for rail and bus transport services in the RMV network area has been assigned to RMV by law. In order to carry out their regional responsibilities, the members established the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH (RMV) in which they together with the State of Hesse are shareholders. The legal framework for local transport services in Hesse provides the separation of policy requirements and the planning and commissioning of services on the one hand and the delivery of transport services on the other, thereby establishing the role of RMV as a contractor of services and intermediary between the policy-makers and the service providers.


The Supervisory Board of RMV
All key decisions on policy and strategy are taken by the Supervisory Board of RMV GmbH. It decides, for example, on the range of services on offer and the fares system. Its members are delegated by the shareholders. Each shareholder has one vote which allows the different ideas and needs of the individual regions in the RMV network area to be adequately represented and gives broad legitimacy to the Supervisory Board’s decisions. The chair of the Supervisory Board is held by the representative of the City of Frankfurt am Main.

Division of responsibilities at RMV
Local passenger transport in Hesse is supported at three levels: (1) at policy-making level, (2) at executive level, where Hesse’s transport associations operate, and (3) at company level, where the transport services are provided as contracted by the transport associations. The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund functions as a regional service contractor at executive level. It also has an intermediary role between the policy-makers and the transport companies. RMV collaborates on a partnership basis with local organisations at the executive level (Local Passenger Transport
Organisations or LNOs).

This three-tier model illustrates the integration of RMV into the organisational structure of the local passenger transport sector.

Three-tier model of RMV
Three-tier model of RMV

The essential requirements, such as decisions about the services offered or the fares system, are dealt with at the policy-making level. The executive level (i.e. RMV and LNOs) implement the political requirements.

Transport operators – for example, a company providing rail transport or a bus company contracted to provide services – are bound to RMV or the LNOs as service providers at company level by a transport contract. The companies in the RMV network area act independently in carrying out their responsibilities and in terms of their operational organisation in providing services.


Working together with our local partners, we ensure that the local public transport is thriving: Our tasks range from coordinating, ordering transport services and financing to marketing.

  • Planning of transport and mobility (developing the future schedule)
    This division is responsible for the development of the regional public transport plan as well as updating the schedules for bus and train. Furthermore the division is liable for the expansion and improvement of the infrastructure.
  • Contracting, quality and infrastructure (setting standards, improve the quality)
    Main tasks: proposals, ordering transport services and quality management.
  • Transport and finance (tariff structure, secure funding)
    This division is the central accounting and is responsible for all of the association’s revenues and expenditures. A further task is to extend the ticket assortment.
  • Marketing, sales and innovation (creating new services)
    The tasks range from creative advertising strategy and well-directed market research to extension of digital sales channels.

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