Belgrade : Public transport network

The public transport system in Belgrade consists of four subsystems:

  1. Public buses lines (131 urban lines, 320 suburban lines, 20 minibus lines, 1 electrobus lines, 6 seasonal lines, 24 night lines, 5 minibus express lines and 1 sparrow service) with more than 11 500 km in total;
  2. Trams (12 lines with 134 km in total);
  3. Trolleybuses (6 lines with 45 km in total);
  4. BG overland rail (4 lines lines with 184 km in total).

Public transport operates within an integrated system comprising: integrated network, schedules, fare types and collection and management.

Number of passengers/day (journeys/day) in the public transport is 2.5 million.

In daily operation there are over 1600 vehicles, with the number of departures being more than 30 000 departures daily on all lines and with daily distance travelled of more than 462 000 km total for all vehicles.
There are more than 5 400 stops registered in 4 tariff zones.

Operating hours are 0-24h, with peak hours being 06.00-09.00h and 13.00-17.00h.

Operators in the system:

  • PUC GSP “Beograd”,
  • Joint Stock Company “Serbian Railways”- (founder and the only stakeholder: Republic of Serbia),
  • Group – ’’Lasta JFC, SP Lastra JFC, Strela Ub and Strela Obrenovac’’
  • Private Consortium Ariva litas,
  • as well as Consortium Avala bus 500.

Currently waterborne and metro transport is being developed.

Map of the network

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