2017 is set to be a milestone year for Metrolink in Manchester

Metrolink’s phenomenal expansion programme has been one of the largest and most ambitious transport projects to be delivered in the UK and 2017 is set to be a milestone year in its history. It marks Metrolink’s Silver Jubilee year, the completion of the Second City Crossing – a brand new line through the heart of

Aerial busway

The North West’s first guided busway has arrived

The opening of the North West’s first guided busway in April 2016 was a crucial milestone for Transport for Greater Manchester’s wider bus priority package, a £122 million investment to enable more people to enjoy faster, more punctual and more reliable bus services from a wider area across Greater Manchester, to, from and through the

Manchester mainstreams travel training

GMPTE are taking their approach towards mainstreaming travel training for disabled people forward by hosting a symposium in Manchester on 13 January 2009. The event which is entitled “Travel Training in Greater Manchester: The Way Forward – a Strategic Approach for Everyone” is aimed at local authorities and health authorities and is being delivered to

The future of transport in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester Transport Authorities GMPTA was given approval for launching a first consultation of stakeholders, on the proposal of a bid to UK Department for Transport for the Transport Innovation Fund (TIF) scheme. It would be a £3bn package of transport funding and the introduction of a road congestion charging which would represent the biggest

Britain moves one step closer towards road charging

Transport secretary Alistair Darling said at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) conference that congestion on roads in cities was one of the biggest threats to economic expansion and local economies in the next 10 to 15 years. CBI estimates the impact of congested road an rail holp-ups at €29 billion a year. Convinced that

Manchester supports its Metrolink project

In July, the British Secretary of State for Transport announced that funding for a three-line expansion of Greater Manchester’s light rail network, Metrolink, was “not approved” due to rising costs. A major lobbying campaign was launched to get this decision reversed backed by Greater Manchester MPs and councillors, the business community, local people and the