EMTA welcomes a new member: Brussels Mobility

On 11 May 2023 at the EMTA General Meeting in Oslo, Brussels Mobility formally joined EMTA as a new member. Brussels Mobility is the organising authority in the Brussels Capital Region for: public transport (bus, tram and metro with the exception of trains which remains a federal responsibility) other modes of transport (active travel, individual

The canal in 2014

Brussels refreshed ! A vision on mobility in the future

By 2040, today’s children will be adults. They will move around, study, work, go out, travel, have children, create companies, take decisions, and face the future all by themselves. By then, the population of Brussels will likely have grown by 25%! So a major challenge for the Brussels-Capital Region is to manage, starting from now,


STIB now on Google Transit

Since last February 22, Google Transit displays the timetables and routes of the STIB (public transport) network in Brussels. Google Transit is the world wide known browser of Google Maps that so far gave information and travel planner when driving a car or walking. Now in Brussels, it also gives the information for using public


Brussels: from public transport to car sharing, intermodality at large

The public transport Company in Brussels STIB is developping a car sharing scheme which is seen as a win-win situation for public transport and for the city. STIB, the public regional company of public transport covers 29 municipalities, serves 1,160 000 inhabitants an operates 3 metro lines, 15 tram lines, 51 bus lines and 20

Brussels public transport on the move

Following extended works since 2005 on the tram network which aimed at redesigning some routes, extending others and creating a new line 4 linking north to south and upgrading the rolling stock with the purchase of Flexity Outlook T300 (189 passengers capacity) and T4000 (258 passengers capacity), the disclosure on 4 June of the new

brussels cyclocity

Very short cycle rental service introduced in Brussels

The Brussels capital region launched a very short term bicycle renting service called ‘Cyclocity’. The initiative wants to encourage the use of bicycle for short trips. The project aims at commuters as well as tourists as registration is possible immediately with a credit card. The service is provided by JC Decaux on the same principle


Brussels Capital Region updates its mobility plan

The regional mobility plan, also called “Plan Iris” was adopted by the Government of Brussels Capital Region in October 1998 and is currently being updated. Mobility experts have estimated the impacts in 2015 of a “do-nothing” scenario: – 5% increase of mechanised trips – decreasing average speed for cars – permanent congestion of roads –

New Bombardier tramways in the streets of Brussels

The first Flexity Outlook tramway, manufactured by Bombardier, has been delivered to STIB (Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles) on 14 September. STIB and Bombardier concluded a contract in 2003 for the acquisition of 46 trams and 15 years maintenance for a total amount of €106 million. The rolling stock is split among 27 T3000

Loans granted by the European Investment Bank to support public transport development in Brussels, Dublin, and Stockhom

The European Investment Bank announced over the past months that it will grant loans to support the development of public transport systems in the following cities : – Brussels: a long-term loan of €250 million has been granted to STIB, the public transport company of the Belgian capital city, so as to modernise tramway infrastructures