Brussels public transport on the move

  • Updated9 August 2007
  • News

Following extended works since 2005 on the tram network which aimed at redesigning some routes, extending others and creating a new line 4 linking north to south and upgrading the rolling stock with the purchase of Flexity Outlook T300 (189 passengers capacity) and T4000 (258 passengers capacity), the disclosure on 4 June of the new management contract between STIB and Brussels Region reveals even more ambitious objectives.

The aim is to reach 320 million passengers (80% of total Public transport traffic) per year by 2011.

The project amounts to €1bn and includes:

  • further development of tram lines running on dedicated lanes and increase of commercial speed thanks to UTOPIA a mechanism that gives priority to the tram at traffic light,
  • development of bus routes,
  • pursuing renewal of rolling stock in purchasing: 5 metro trains, 90 to 130 trams, 281 busses,
  • refurbishing of metro stations,
  • tarif measures an notably large discount for students 12 to 24 years old (already riding is free under 12 or above 65).

This project together with the recent opening in April 2007 of NOCTIS specific bus services opened until 3 am on Friday night and Saturday night represent a considerable move in the public transport of the Belgium capital.