London : Financing/Pricing data

Funding of public transport

Total sources and use of funds, TfL Budget 2020/21
Total sources and use of funds, TfL Budget 2020/21

Total sources and use of funds, TfL Budget 2020/21


Information on fare levels and moving around London can be found on this webpage.

Our purpose

Keep London working and growing and make life in London better

  • Meet the rising expectations of our customers and users
  • Plan ahead to meet the challenges of a growing population
  • Unlock economic development and growth

London is a fast growing city, with the population growing by 20 per cent to 10 million people by 2030. Our transport network needs to grow if the city is going to continue to function and as a result we have a network of projects in the pipeline:

Pipeline of projects

Crossrail 2

A proposed new high-frequency, high-capacity rail line running through London and into Surrey and Hertfordshire. It will add capacity to the rail network in London and the south east, supporting economic regeneration by providing the infrastructure needed to build new homes and create more jobs.
More information here

Vision for Cycling

The Mayor’s vision is that cycling in London will become an integral part of the transport network. There will be a “Tube-like” network of direct, high capacity, joined-up cycle tracks. Many will run in parallel with key Underground, rail and bus routes. There will be more Dutch-style fully segregated lanes and junctions; more mandatory cycle lanes, semi-segregated from traffic; and a network of direct back street Quietway routes. Our streets will be safer and by 2020 we aimed to have doubled cycling in the city. 
Some reports on London cycling vision here

Developing the Rail network

The Mayor wants us to get more control over London’s fragmented suburban rail services currently operated as concessions from central Government. 
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