Krakow : Responsible authority

Zarzad Transportu Publicznego (ZTP)
Zarzad Transportu Publicznego (ZTP) ul. Wielopole 1
31-072 Krakow

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Poland is split for 16 voivodeship. Each voivodeships is split for counties and each county is split for municipalities. Some of big cities like Krakow are equally municipality and count. Voivodeships, counties and municipalities can be cooperate in organize public transport or entrust one of them main function in organize public transport. Krakow cooperate with 16 municipalities near Krakow which entrust organize public transport (another 2 municipalities cooperate with another municipalities near Krakow, so in result Krakow Municipal Public Transport works in 18 municipalities). The City Council in Krakow base on piece of legislation erected the Public Transport Authority (Zarząd Transportu Publicznego w Krakowie) in 2018. The mission of ZTP is coordinating, planning and managing the public transport.

Public Transport Authority in Krakow (ZTP Kraków) is responsible for bus and tram services in city of Krakow and 18 municipalities near Krakow. For this urban agglomeration ZTP is coordinating, planning and managing public transport. In this tasks are including especially: control quality of transport services, tariff integration only for agglomeration (e.g. month tickets for PT and regional trains), tickets distributions, transport analysis (e .g. development of transport network, mark out bus line), mobility management. Others transport modes like regional trains and buses are coordinating by Malopolska Region Transport Authority.