Krakow : Financing / Pricing datas

Schemes of funding of PT services 
From the city budget every year ZTP get means for task called “Public Transport”. City budget for transport is based on deposits of 16 municipalities, Krakow and sales proceeds of tickets. Most of this means allow for transport services. Other means allow for tasks like tickets control and distributions, promotion of public transport, maintenance transport infrastructure and salaries.

Currently in Krakow there are two companies: MPK Krakow and Mobilis. MPK is the company running most of the public transport network in Krakow. With MPK services are directly awarded: bus services for 10 years and tram services for 16 years. With Mobilis bus services are tendered for 10 years.

Development projects in the near future 
In the near future the development projects will be marking new bus lines and complete tariff integration with regional trains and buses.