Barcelona : Responsible authorities

Autoritat Del Transport Metropolità
Balmès 49, 6 Planta
E-08021 Barcelona

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Autoritat del Transport Metropolità

BALMES 49, 6 Planta – 08007 Barcelona – Spain
Tél : (34) 93 362 00 20 – Fax : (34) 93 414 31 31

– General manager : Mr. Josep Anton Grau
– contact: Lluis Alegre
– Date of constitution: 19th March 1997
– Status: Consortium of local and regional authorities
– Personnel: 28 (2015)


The ATM, Authority of Metropolitan Transport, founded in 1997, is an inter-administrations consortium of all administrations responsible for public transport services in the metropolitan region of Barcelona. Currently, the consorted Administrations are:

  • Generalitat de Catalunya, Government of Catalonia
  • Local Government:

    – Municipality of Barcelona.

    – AMB, Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona: 36 municipalities neighbouring Barcelona

    – AMTU: City Councils with urban transport out of AMB area.

The Spanish Government is not a member of the consortium.

The Board of Directors is the highest directing body of the ATM, and it is constituted by 20 members: 9 nominated by the Generalitat de Catalunya and 9 by the Local Governments, 2 representatives of the Spanish Government as observers, the general manager and the board’s secretary. The conseller (minister) of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat de Catalunya is its president and its two vice-presidents are the major of Barcelona and the president of the Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona.


  • Infrastructure planning (Infrastructure Master Plan)
  • Mobility Master Plan for the Barcelona Metropolitan Region: writing, approval and enforcing
  • Financing agreements with public bodies
  • Contract with operators
  • Fare Policy: Fare Integration and annual price review
  • Communication: definition and promotion of the system’s corporate image


The ATM budget in 2015 is 1,158 millions.