Barcelona : Public transport networks

Public Transport System

There are 4 main operators in the Metropolitan region of Barcelona, the first 3 being public companies:

– Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB): operates Metro and city bus in Barcelona.

– Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC): runs 3 lines of the urban metro, plus 6 suburban lines.

– Rodalies Renfe: is the local train section operated by the Spanish railway company.

– Tramvia Metropolità is a new private operator created with a PPP agreement, whose operation started in 2004.

Moreover, many suburban bus lines are run by private companies under concession and agreements with the Generalitat de Catalunya. Nearly 30 municipalities have got their own city bus network.

The share of public transport in motorised trips is as follows (2014) :

  • Foot + Bicycle: 51.6%
  • Public modes: 24.7%
  • Car + Motorbike: 23.7%

while in the whole Metropolitan Region, including Barcelona, is (2014):

  • Foot + Bicycle: 46.9%
  • Public modes: 20.2%
  • Car + Motorbike: 32.7%

Maps of the network

Barcelona central network map 2015

Barcelona global network 2015

Presentation of operating companies:

In the following table, the section about urban buses only considers Barcelona network, which is operated by TMB. Other city buses are included in the Suburban buses section.

The tramway consists of two separate networks: Trambaix, with 3 lines, plus Trambesòs, with 3 lines.

The Metro network consists of 11 lines, 8 of whom are operated by TMB (L1 to L5 and L9 to L11) and 3 by FGC (L6 to L8). In addition, FGC also runs 5 regional lines that, together with Renfe lines, complete the heavy rail network of up to 11 lines. This is the reason why FGC can be found in two sections of the table.

  Urban buses Metropolitan buses Tramways Metro Heavy Rail
Nb of lines 100 583 6 11 11
Operators TMB 43 companies Tramvia Metropolità TMB & FGC FGC & RENFE