International competition for legible Prague wayfinding system

ROPID (Regional Organizer of Prague Integrated Transport) is tendering an international design competition for a new wayfinding system for the Czech capital to be announced in August 2021. The aim of the competition is to select a team of experts who can demonstrate the best ability to create a smart wayfinding system suitable for all

A new visual style for public transport in Prague and Central Bohemia

The Integrated Transport System, which covers all public transport in Prague and the Central Bohemian region, servicing 3 million people on more than 600 lines with 5 000 vehicles operated by 35 carriers, is getting a new unified look. The logo is changing together with additional graphical elements, including a new uniform design for all


New Prague Integrated Transport Stop and Station Design Manual

Ride by public transport does not start by getting on the vehicle, but already by coming to the stop. Public transport stops represent the first contact of a passenger with the public transport system, in addition to they create significant public spaces. Unfortunately just the appearance of the stops and transfer points is rather a


New bus standards in Prague and Central Bohemia for next 10 years

An air conditioner, low-floor, enough space for baby carriages and also a maximum of comfortable seats, a modern information and fare control system, a uniform appearance. These are only some of new requirements for newly acquired buses for years 2020-2029 that move as a part of a system of Prague integrated transport, which covers Prague

Borders of Prague Integrated Transport area compared with administrative and political division of the Prague metropolitan region

Integration of Public Transport governance in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region

Since the beginning of 2013, Prague Public Transport Authority (ROPID) and the Transport Department of the Central Bohemian Region (ODSCK) have been negotiating the terms for resolving major issues concerning the options to integrate the currently separated five public transport systems, into one joint integrated transport system for the city of Prague and of the