New Prague Integrated Transport Stop and Station Design Manual


  • Updated21 September 2018
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Ride by public transport does not start by getting on the vehicle, but already by coming to the stop. Public transport stops represent the first contact of a passenger with the public transport system, in addition to they create significant public spaces. Unfortunately just the appearance of the stops and transfer points is rather a weak point of the Prague Integrated Transport. And this is the thing we have decided to change. Therefore the ROPID organizer prepared the design manual for creation of stops and transfer points. And we did not want to make a boring technical standard.

Quality of stops, stations and transfer points of public transport are an integral part of perception of the public transport quality from passengers. Moreover, in the context of the city-forming function of public transport, the stops and transfer points connect mutually the public areas and the public transport system. The quality and friendly to passengers stops and transfer points will contribute not only to perception of the public transport quality (and thus help indirectly to fulfil the goals of increasing the public transport share in modal-split) but at the same time they create quality public areas, nicer streets and squares, where people like to move and shops and services flourish.

Prague Integrated Transport Stop and Station Design Manual devotes to tram and bus stops, stations of the S train lines, transfer points and the equipment of stops and transfer points with urban furniture and other elements for passengers. In total it consists of 8 chapters:


The manual is outlined in such a way that it does not represent any boring technical standard, but on the contrary it describes in complexity the rules and principles of a quality design of stops and transfer points, starting from constructional arrangement through pedestrian connections for passengers to placing of the individual elements of the equipment.


The Manual continues to the valid legislation, further specified, developed, interpreted by this document, which as well defines the qualitative superstructure. The document is intended not only for transport experts, it aims at all those who are involved in the preparation of buildings and adjustments of public transport stops and transfer points. Therefore, the document is conceived as simple and instructive, full of photos and sketches.

zastavek-2.pngPrague Integrated Transport Stop and Station Design Manual has been prepared jointly by the organization ROPID (Prague Integrated Transport Authority), Prague Institute for Urban Planning and Development and Czech Technical University in Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences.

The entire document or selected topics have been consulted with a wide range of partners: Prague City Hall, Central Bohemian Region, infrastructure managers, organizations of disabled people, association of blind and partially sighted people, etc. Definition of requirements how a stop and transfer point should look, is perceived by us as the first step to ameliorate and improve the quality of stops, stations and transfer points for passengers, which is a long-term goal we want to fulfil.

Although the Prague Integrated Transport Stop and Station Design Manual has been prepared for the conditions of Prague and Central Bohemia, the most of principles are universal enough that it is applicable as well as in other European cities and regions.

At present times we are working on translation of the document into English language, after its completing, this English version will be available on the Manual´s web –