Montréal completes a strategic reflection on fare structure

Public transit users in Montréal, Canada have benefitted from a regional integrated fare scheme since 1998. Monthly pass holders can get unlimited rides on commuter rail, metro, express and regular bus services provided by 16 public transit organizations. The integrated fare level is set according to the eight concentric zones radiating from the central business


AMT shares public transit vision 2020 for Greater Montreal

What will tomorrow’s public transit network look like? What are the leading issues and requirements that must be addressed by the transit network in order to attract users and compete against cars? The main challenges facing the AMT (Agence métropolitaine de transport) are outlined in its strategic development plan for public transit: The Future of


Public transport system

Description of the network In addition to planning the development of public transit services in the Montréal metropolitan area and acting as prime contractor for the construction of projects such as the recent extension of the Montréal metro to the neighbouring city of Laval, the AMT operates 5 commuter train lines, 1 metropolitan express bus


Transport authority

Agence Métropolitaine de Transport Missions: The Agence métropolitaine de transport’s mission is to expand public transit services in order to improve the efficiency of individual travel in the metropolitan Montréal area. Its mandates are varied and complementary : Planning, coordinating, integrating and promoting public transit services in close cooperation with our partners; Operating the commuter

Fare table 2012

Financing / Pricing data

Fares : Presentation of the fare and ticketing system : The metropolitan fare system governs the inter-system fare for all transit services in the Montréal region, which are provided by 14 organizations. The TRAM monthly pass, which allows users to travel on metro, train and bus, also gives customers a discount of 15% to 25%


AMT increases by 70% Commuter train capacity

Montreal, December 18, 2007 – Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) applauds the Quebec government’s decision to grant the necessary financing for the acquisition of 160 double-decker commuter train cars, which will enable significant service improvements throughout the metropolitan region’s commuter train network. These new cars will make it possible to boost capacity by 70% on


Montréal metro expands to Laval

Greater Montreal area transportation[[Greater Montreal covers more than 4000 sqkm comprising the islands of Montreal, Laval and Longueil and municipalities located on north and south shores of the St Lawrence river]] is in the increase with the extension of metro line 2– Orange now reaching the island of Laval serving three new metro stations: Cartier,