ZTM Warsaw working to protect buses from terror attacks

ZTM Warsaw together with 4 partners of the EU-funded SAFEBUS project presented their actions in a webinar today to the attention of EMTA members. The goal of the project is to create an Internet platform integrating solutions for the prevention of terrorist attacks, as well as training materials and procedures, online courses and an e-learning

CO2 emissions targets on buses must not result in greater car use

In a position paper, EMTA members renew their support for the adoption of clean and zero-emission vehicles but emphasize the need for financial support and a nuanced approach to support the public transport sector through a rapid technology transition. The paper voices the concerns of public transport authorities (PTAs) across Europe about the proposed regulation

EMTA release a new report about Zero emission in Public Transport

EMTA realeased a new report called “Towards Zero Emission Public Transport” You could find all EMTA previous reports in the publications section.

Île-de-France : €23 millions European subsidy for the purchase of electric buses and the conversion of depots to electricity and biomethane

Through this funding, the European Commission is supporting the commitment of Île-de-France Mobilités and RATP in the regional ecological transition strategy aimed in particular at converting all the bus depots (140) and a large part of the bus fleet to biomethane and electricity by 2025. This European aid, supplemented by €23 million in innovative funding

Green deal, need for clean bus market evolution

EMTA and Polis with regards to the clean bus deployment as part of a future Green Deal for the EU sent on December 4 a letter to mr Frans Timmermans – EU Vice-President and Commissioner for sustainability – and mrs Adina-Iona Valean – Commissioner for Transport.

Oslo is ready for the era of electric buses

In Oslo City and Akershus county, Ruter estimates that there is only nine years left until all public transport will be zero emission. This includes buses and boats. A big step is taken this year. Oslo has had six electric buses in operation since 2017, split on 2 buses each for three PTOs. There have