ZTM Warsaw working to protect buses from terror attacks

  • Updated12 July 2023
  • News

ZTM Warsaw together with 4 partners of the EU-funded SAFEBUS project presented their actions in a webinar today to the attention of EMTA members.

The goal of the project is to create an Internet platform integrating solutions for the prevention of terrorist attacks, as well as training materials and procedures, online courses and an e-learning portal.

Aleksandra Puzyńska (ZTM) shared the lessons that are relevant to public transport authorities whilst the operator’s perspective was presented by Cristiano Stifini (ATAC, Rome), Jan Politiek (ARRIVA), and João Vieira (CARRIS, Lisbon). Carmela Canonico and Adrian Poher, both from UITP, gave an overview of project deliverables and training resources available.

It is estimated that more than 28 % of terrorist attacks that happened so far in the EU, were related to public transport or have been carried out against transport infrastructure. That is why it is of vital importance to focus on enhancing bus transport security, which is based on a particular vulnerability of this sector to threats of external and internal nature in the extremist and terrorist context.

This webinar provided an overview of the threats and targets, as well as solutions and best practices. A special focus was put on the role of Public Transport Authorities in the fight against terrorism and how SAFEBUS can help with training and feedback from different stakeholders.

To read about the SAFEBUS project: ztm.waw.pl
To access the webinar recording or know more: contact@emta.com