Véligo location: 10,000 electric bikes to rent all over Île-de-France

  • Updated8 October 2019
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Île-de-France Mobilités has rounded off its cycling policy in the Île de France region with the launch of a new, long-term rental service, with 10,000 electric bikes for 40 euros a month for all residents in the region, as well as a grant for purchasers of new electric bikes.

Context and origins of the service
Île-de-France Mobilités, the organising authority for public transport in Île-de-France, is committed to taking up the challenge of organising mixed-modal transport by developing new forms of mobility, including car-pooling, car-sharing, cycling, transport on demand and autonomous vehicles, as a complement to existing public transport, and helping to make getting around the Paris area easier on a daily basis. The aim is to encourage the region’s residents to leave their cars in the garage whenever possible.

Description of the service
Since 11 September 2019, 10,000 electric bikes have been progressively made available for rent by all the region’s residents. Depending on the success of the scheme, the number of rental bikes could rise to 20,000, which would make this the biggest long-duration electric bike rental service in the world. A range of cargo bikes (bikes with two or three wheels that are easier for carrying children) could round off the offer by the end of 2020.

To sign up, the region’s residents can register on the Véligo Location website (https://www.veligo-location.fr/) to rent a bike for six months (renewable once for three extra months). The goal for Île-de-France Mobilités is to give the region’s inhabitants a chance to try out an electric bike, to convince them of the value of this form of transport for their daily trips and to boost changes to modes of transport. At the end of the contractual period (public service delegation contract for a duration of 6 years), the aim is to reach almost 200,000 people in the region.

The price for the service is €40 a month (€1.30 a day). This price includes repairs and maintenance for the bike. 50% of the monthly subscription can be paid by employers, alone or in addition to the Navigo public transport subscription for customers with mixed-mode commutes. To guarantee a high level of service, additional features, including accessory rentals or insurance (theft and damage), are available to customers.

The bike
The bike has been designed and assembled in France. Special attention has been paid to the design, including a robust basket to protect your stuff, a luggage rack where a child seat can be fitted or saddle bags, and a protected phone holder where you can recharge your smartphone. The bike is robust and comfortable: the puncture-proof tyres are wide, and the technology is innovative with a torque sensor providing progressive assistance, making for a pleasant riding experience. The battery has a travel range of 75 km. It is at frame level and has been specifically designed for the Véligo Location bike, helping to limit theft.


Grants for bike purchasers
To encourage the region’s residents to take up cycling, Île-de-France Mobilités will be rounding off the Véligo Location service with a grant for buyers of new electric bikes and cargo bikes. Customers can buy their own bike with a grant of 50 % of the retail price with a limit of €500 per bike and per purchaser after the deduction of local subsidies. The scheme will start at the end of the first Véligo Location bike rentals, in late February 2020.

For more information :
Mrs Marion CHOLLET, Bike-sharing systems Project Officer