The T9 Tram or the launch of a safe, comfortable and totally accesible tramway service.

  • Updated17 August 2021
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Since 10 April 2021, the T9 Tram has been carrying passengers from Porte de Choisy (in Paris) to Orly town centre (in Val-de-Marne) in 30 minutes and with 19 stops.

The line is 10 kilometres long and goes through 6 towns. The Tram T9 has now replaced bus line 183, providing a faster and more efficient service in the Val-de-Marne area. It runs along a separate traffic lane and the trams are frequent – every 5 minutes during the rush hour. Thanks to links with a large number of bus lines, as well as to the metro and RER trains, the T9 Tram is a perfect fit for the regional transport network, enabling locals and visitors to get around more easily.

The T9 Tram is accessible for Navigo travelcard holders (Navigo season ticket, Navigo Liberté+, imagine R season ticket, etc.) or with a t+ ticket. Specific tickets are also available from ticket machines at T9 Tram stops. These are one-way tickets.

The 22 “Citadis” T9 Tram carriages were built by Alstom and are 45 metres long. The carriages are easy to access, comfortable and safe. The exterior design was chosen by inhabitants in the Paris region.

The T9 Tram workshop-garage, with its folding roof, is unique. In a stylistic reference to 19th century industrial buildings, it houses a series of hangars with large bay windows, providing natural light and efficient energy performances. The garage is at the southern end of the tramway. It plays a vital role in maintenance and parking for the T9 Tram, as well as in operating the service, since it is home to the line’s central command post.

The T9 Tram gives pride of place to sustainable transport with cycling paths or lanes along the entire route, bike bays at each stop and at every 150 metres or so along the line and a large number of pedestrian pathways that are more accessible and safer.

Around the T9 Tram, a greener and more pleasant environment has been created. Flower beds and plants, a green platform, adapted pavements and roads, and the creation of small squares equipped with high-quality street furniture.

It took five years of hard work to make the new tramway operational. The T9 Tram is the first project fully managed by Île-de-France Mobilités from the study phase to construction. The Ile-de-France Mobilités teams led the project alongside its agent Transamo. The teams ensured technical coherence and financial control over the project, while respecting the schedules and plans. They then worked in partnership with the operator Keolis to check that all the systems were in good working order and to prepare the launch of operations.

The T9 service is the result of a long group effort to improve daily transport and to transform the living environment of local inhabitants.

Lead player:
The project is managed by Île-de-France Mobilités, the organising authority for transport in Île-de-France and the contracting owner of the project.


  • Tramway infrastructure: 404 million euros (value in 2013) shared between the French state, the Île-de-France region, the Val-de-Marne department, the City of Paris and the Grand Orly Sein Bièvre urban community.
  • Tramways (rolling stock): 75 million euros (value in 2013) totally financed by Île-de-France Mobilités.

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