News from the cable car project in Île-de-France

  • Updated16 June 2022
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The 1st cable car of Île-de-France region will have small cabins, seating only 10 people. Is that enough? With less than 30 seconds between cabins, the capacity will be 1600 passengers per hour and per direction (greater than that of most bus routes.)

Small cabins keep the #infrastructure compact, so that stations fit in the urban fabric, at ground level. The service will be #accessible to passengers using wheelchairs, buggies and bicycles. The cable car will reconnect 4 municipalities separated by a set of railway lines, sidings and national highways. Operations will be 100% funded by Ile-De-France Mobilités.

Website of the C1 cable car project page for more details (in French)

Watch the interview of Laurent Probst, CEO of Île-de-France mobiliés, in the TV transport magazine Parigo (subtitles available)