New developments and operations schemes in Warsaw region

  • Updated8 April 2005
  • News

New infrastructure projects have been decided
for Warsaw and at a regional scale: the second
metro line is currently under construction and
is expected to enter in service in 2007.

works for the third line, measuring 6 km will
start just after the beginning of first line
operations. A project of a suburban express
network is also under discussion.

On the operating side, Koleje Mazowieckie
started its operations in the field of passenger
transport on January 1st.

This first regional railway company is 49% owned by Polish
State Railways’ regional business unit PKP
Przewozy Regionalne and 51% by the
Mazowieckie district administration.

The law
allows regional governments to take responsibility
for rail services and the national railway
company PKP should transfer some of its
rolling stock and other assets, and raises
concerns about PKP financial situation.

example is expected to be followed soon by
other Polish regions.