First electric vehicle chargers installed at a P+R car park in Warsaw


  • Updated25 July 2018
  • News

In December 2017, there were the first four electric vehicle chargers made available on a P+R car park in Warsaw. This investment is to improve air quality in the city and to encourage residents to use eco-friendly public transport.


The chargers are powered by means of two stations, with the power of 2×22 kW each. They have e.g. Type 2 sockets, LED panels for device operation and the signals of the charging process and its completion. They possess also charging process protection from unauthorized interference, e.g. plug removal, plug connection to another vehicle, switching the charging process off.


They can be used based on a dedicated Eco Card. It enables the electrical vehicle owners to leave their vehicles free of charge on P+R car parks outside the opening hours of those facilities and to charge them for free. Eco Cards are issued for a given electrical vehicle.

Simultaneously amendments to the P+R car park rules were made that aim to encourage residents to choose public transport in Warsaw (e.g. no charges for parking a car the first 20 minutes on a parking space and free parking for motorized 2-wheelers).

All those solutions are to reduce hazardous substances and noise emissions and, consequently, to improve air quality in Warsaw. In the foreseeable future, the Public Transport Authority in Warsaw plans to provide other electrical vehicle chargers in other car park facilities.

More info: Mrs Rakowska