Employer-subsidised commuter tickets introduced in the Helsinki metropolitan area

  • Updated7 January 2006
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New employer-subsidised commuter tickets
have been introduced in the Helsinki
metropolitan area at the beginning of 2006.

The goal of the new ticket system is to
increase public transport attractiveness.
Employers decide individually whether they
acquire the ticket to their employees or not.

Employers can also decide the level of the
subsidy but they have to pay at least 25 %
of the ticket price.

This 25 % is tax free for
both the employer and the employee.
Employees benefit also from the fact that
the subsidised tickets are season tickets
which are valid round the clock, including
evenings, nights and weekends.

Employers are offered a possibility to sign
either a direct debit agreement or an
invoicing agreement with Helsinki
Metropolitan Area Council (YTV).

Use of a
direct debit season ticket significantly
reduces paper work as the ticket price is
debited directly from the employer’s bank
account once a month.