CRTM MADRID new social fares for public transport

  • Updated5 May 2009
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In 2009, the Madrid Transportation Consortium
introduces special social measures in the
tariff policy aimed at specific segments of
the population.

These actions are designed to encourage
and facilitate the use of public transport
by segments of the population that are
considered to deserve special protection
measures, based on their socio-economic

Three decisions have been made with this
aim in mind:

  1. Application of a 20% reduction in all
    types of Public Transport Passes for
    people with a recognized degree of
    disability of 65% and above.
  1. Application of a reduction of 20%
    and 50% to the price of all types of
    Transportation Passes for member of
    large families in the general and special
    categories respectively, as stipulated
    in the Large Family Protection Act.
  1. Creation of a new transportation pass
    called the Tarjeta Azul (Blue Card), in
    collaboration with the Madrid City
    Hall, aimed at people over 65 years
    old or having any degree of disability,
    who fulfill a series of income conditions.
    Tarjeta Azul is a monthly pass, valid in
    the central zone A-municipality of Madrid.
    It allows unlimited use of metro and
    bus services at the price of 5.50€. The
    financial charge of Tarjeta Azul is equally
    shared between Madrid City Hall (local
    administration) and the Region of Madrid
    (regional administration).

The first two measures will be implemented
over the course of the year. The Tarjeta Azul
application process already started in
March. It is estimated that these measures
will benefit approximately 400,000 people.