Congestion charging in Milan from early 2007

  • Updated3 October 2006
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Milan city is suffering from high levels of pollution caused by road transport, industry and coal-burning plants emissions.

The surroundings mountains have a worsening effect by trapping the noxious emissions.

In an attempt to tackle severe air pollution and traffic jams Milan municipality announced the introduction of a congestion charge by 1 January 2007.

Visitors driving by car into the city daily will pay a variable toll of around €2, ranging from €1 to €3, depending on the pollution emitted by the vehicle.

An average of 763,500 vehicles enter Milan daily and about 70 percent of them belong to non-residents. About 86 percent of the overall figure belong to private motorists.

The objective is to cut down car traffic by 30%. As in London or in Stockholm, the city plans to spend the revenue generated from the toll on improving public transport.