Turin : Public transport networks

Our Authority is responsible for 27 public transport contracts covering the main TP services in the metropolitan area of Turin and in the Piedmont region. They include the urban and sub-urban buses of the main cities of the region, the trams and the underground of Turin, the trains of the metropolitan railway service and the regional railway service, as well as one cable car and line and three boats.

Description of the network :

Operations / Data Regional Trains Metropolitan Trains Metro Interurban bus Urban / suburban bus Tramway
Network lengh km 1417 376 15.1 73
Nb of routes 21 7 1 525 206 8
Nb of operators 2 2 1 4 consortiums8 operators 2 consortiums7 operators 1
Nb of stations/stops 210 74 23 13.825 6;908 incl in urban services
Vehicule-km (millions/year) 12.7* 6.2* 2.5* 77.8 50.1 incl in urban services


Production Urban & interurban Bus (million of vehicle*km)

Maps of the network

Metropolitan railway service network Tram network

Presentation of main operating companies and consortiums


  • Extra.to (interurban and small urban services in Metropolitan District)
  • Grandabus (interurban and urban bus services in Southern district)
  • Coas (interurban services in Province of Asti, Southeastern district)
  • Scat (interurban and urban bus services mainly in Province of Alessandria, Southeastern district)

Main Companies:

  • Trenitalia (National railway Company)
  • BLS (Swiss company managing the Bern Lötschberg Simplon railway)
  • GTT (Main company managing the urban and suburban services of Turin metropolitan area) /
  • Cavourese (Interurban services in Metropolitan district)
  • Bus Company (interurban and urban bus services Southern district)
  • ATAP (interurban and urban bus services in Provinces of Biella and Vercelli, Northeastern district)
  • SUN (Urban and suburban service of Novara)
  • AMAG (Urban and suburban service of Alessandria)
  • Comazzi (Interurban service North-eastem district)

Current developments and projects:


  • Metro Line 1: westwards extension (3.4 Km, 4 stations) is under construction. It is due to start operations by the end of 2019. Budget: € 271.84 M. The end of works will be expected in 2024.
  • Metro Line 2: a second line is being designed, from north to south of Turin, for a total of 27 km and 32 stations. In December 2021, the project for the first part of line 2 from Rebaudengo (North Turin) to the Politecnico (area near the center) will be completed. The total estimated cost is 4.07 billion euros and the estimated time for construction is seven years.
  • Railway: The new underground connection with the railway line to Turin airport is being complited. The end of the work it is estimated for the 2022, the new service will be operational from the end 2023.

Ticketing: we are working to implement the electronic ticketing on all modes of transport.

In 2019 all contracts in southern Piedmont were extended and unified, so we now have only one contract for this area which will expire in 2024.
In 2020, after a public tender procedure, it has been signed the new contract for the Metropolitan railway service.

In the same year the contract for the public boat service on Lake Orta was signed.

Between 2021 and 2023 it will be possible to replace 573 vehicles, thanks to the regional fund, they will be added to the 286 already purchased with ministerial funds for a total of 859 and 57% of the fleets. They will be vehicles of the latest generation with E6 diesel engines, E6 hybrid engines, electric or methane.

Railway trains
The new 15-year contract guarantees important investments by Trenitalia for 290 million euros for the total renewal of the rolling stock with 32 new trains (9 Pop and 23 Rock), which together with the 14 Jazz will be used on the lines of the metropolitan railway service. of the Turin node.

The new fleet provided for in the contract will be completed by 2023 and the average age will go from 17 years in 2020 to 3.6 years in 2023.

Metro trains
8 new tramcars have been procured with national funds to operate the metro extension.

70 new tramcars have been procured with national funds and will be in services in the next few years.

Service reorganisation and network optimisation following the severe budget cuts imposed by the economic crisis.

Mobility and Quality Survey: the first edition (mobility only) took place in 1991, 11 editions were made in the past, the 12th one is under way in these days (november 2021). Most of the editions regarded the metropolitan area and the province of Turin; two of them regarded the whole Piedmont Region, as the last one under way regards. So we have a long historical series of mobility and quality data. AMP is carrying on this kind of survey since 2006 as an institutional duty.it will be carried out in We expect to have the results of the new survey in the first part of 2022, in order to be able to update the origin / destination data and the georeferencing of all trips for the entire territory of the Piedmont Region.