Turin : Financing / Pricing data

Funding of Public transport (2011)

The Regione Piemonte budget for public transport funding is € 425 million. 45% of this budget is transferred to the Agenzia per la Mobilità Metropolitana. Further funding is provided by the Torino municipality and by other municipalities of the metropolitan ring.

OperationsBus / TramInterurban bus ***Metro *Rail ***Total
Regione Piemonte173.36.556.8236.6
Central government9.6
Farebox revenues (2011)764.910.610.9102.4
Other revenues**********

* funding of Metro 1 is not included in the Agenzia budget (see explanation above).
** Data is not available separately for the transport services managed by our Authority
*** These figures refer to the trains/interurban buses included in our Contract of Service

Fares (2012)

Presentation of the fare and ticketing system :

Passes are fully integrated, passengers can use all modes of transport and the amount due depends on the number of tariff zones included in the trip.

Single tickets are integrated only for Metro, bus and tramway networks. Single tickets are valid for one trip on the Metro and up to 90 minutes after validation on the first stage on buses and tramways. So far suburban rail and interurban buses have no single ticket integration.

Children up to 11 years can travel for free on the Metro bus and tramway network. Special discounts are granted to school and
university students up to 25 years, elderly people over 65 years and further discounts are granted to unemployed and disabled people.

Other tickets are: daily pass, shopping pass, tourist passes, etc.

Tables of fares (simplified) 2012

Single trip centerMultiple trips (15)Monthly passYearly pass
Normal fare (MC)€1.50€1.18 each€38.00€310.00
Normal fare (MR)€1.70*€1.18 each€48.50€437.00
Reduced fare (MC) students up to 25 yearsSame as normal faresame as normal fare€21.00€194.00
Reduced fare (MR)students up to 25 yearsSame as normal faresame as normal fare€32000€286.00* or €437.00**
Reduced fare (MC) people over 60 yearsSame as normal fareSame as normal fare€20.00€155.00

MC = Main City (Torino Municipality – tarif zone “U”)
MR = Main City plus Metropolitan Ring (tarif zones “U” and “A”)
* = Partially integrated ticket : Access is granted only on Metro, urban/suburban buses and tramways.
**= Fully integrated ticket : Access is granted on all modes of transport including heavy rail and interurban buses.