Prague : Responsible authorities


Regionální Organizátor Prazské Integrované Dopravy (ROPID) (Prague Transit Authority)

Rytírská 10 – 110 00 Praha 1 – Czech Republic

Tel : 420 2 24 23 47 37 – Fax : 420 2 24 22 94 23

ROPID started its activity in 1993


- Director : Ing. Petr Tomčík 
- EMTA contacts: Ing. Filip Drapal, Ing. Jiri Prokel 
- Status: Municipal contributory organization 
- Personnel: 75

Organizational structure:

Department of Transport Planning
Department of Marketing
Department of Economics
Department of Technical Development
Department of Internal services


Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport (ROPID) is responsible for the operation of Prague Integrated Transport (PID). It was entrusted the creation and development of the system of Prague Integrated Transport. Its task is organisational and checking.

Basic tasks

- Elaboration of principles of the organisation of public transport 
- Proposal of economic arrangement of PIT operation 
- Proposal of tariff and fare within the system of PIT 
- Elaboration of regional project of the organisation of public transport 
- Arrangement of a unified PIT information system

ROPID’s Budget

ROPID’s budget : 2.440,000 €