Palma de Mallorca : Responsible authorities

Consorci de Transports de Mallorca
C/Eusebi Estada 28
07004 Palma de Mallorca

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Consorci de Transports de Mallorca
C/Eusebi Estada 28
07004 Palma de Mallorca – SPAIN

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The CTM is a public company belonging the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands, which is at the first-level of political and administrative division, created in accordance to the Spanish Constitution of 1978, with the aim of guaranteeing limited autonomy to the nationalities and regions of Spain. In accordance to other administrative divisions in Europe, it can be considered a Regional Government, with legislative power within the boundaries of its Statute of Autonomy and the Spanish Constitution.

The members of the board of the CTM are:

  • The president, which is the regional Minister for Transports.
  • Vice-president, which is the General Director of Transports for the regional Government, or if the Municipality of Palma joins de CTM, the mayor of Palma.
  • Further members:
    – Three representatives of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands.
    – Three representatives from the municipality of Palma, if this administration joins the CTM.

The main tasks under responsibility of the CTM are:

  • Planning, setting up and maintaining a common transport system in Majorca by coordinating and interconnecting the networks, services and activities that make it up and the actions of the various bodies and relevant public authorities.
  • Customer services, travel information and promotion of sustainable mobility
  • Setting up and management of the integrated fare system for public transport.
  • Rationalising and making transport system management efficient.

At this moment the services under responsibility of the CTM and integrated in its fare system are:

  • The interurban bus network, covering all municipalities of the island.
  • The train from Palma to Inca, sa Pobla and Manacor.
  • Palma metro, from Palma to the University.

The urban public transport network of the city of Palma is not yet integrated in CTM. This means that the urban buses are also not yet integrated in the fare system.

The historic train service from Palma to Sòller is also not integrated in CTM.