Manchester : Financing

Financing of GM Transport System

Transport for Greater Manchester is responsible for implementing transport policies that affect the ten districts (local council areas) of Greater Manchester. The policies we implement are set by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and its Committee, which is an elected body. We are responsible for investing public money to improve transport services and facilities.

Revenue / operational transport funding

  • Largely provided by Greater Manchester Local Authorities and includes
  • Subsidising bus services
  • Concessionary travel – Elderly and Under 16s
  • Operating Transport Interchanges
  • Customer contact centre
  • Transport Strategy
  • Support services
  • Light rail (Metrolink) operated under contract by RATP Dev and funded from farebox (no local or national government subsidy)
  • Rail operational funding largely (as required) provided by central government subsidy
  • Rail major infrastructure funding – predominantly by Network Rail
  • Some local funding
  • Other infrastructure funding via GM Transport Fund

Greater Manchester Transport Fund established in 2009

  • Schemes prioritised on economic value add (GVA) and contribution towards carbon reduction agenda
  • Pooled funding, including
  • Government Grants
  • Borrowings (£1 billion+) from Central Government and European Investment Bank (EIB) to be repaid by incremental local funding from 10 GM Districts and revenues from expanding Metrolink network
  • Schemes included significant extensions of the Metrolink network, Transport Interchanges, Bus Priority and a number of local Highways schemes.
  • Total value of Fund £1.5 billion+

Business Plan 2014/15 – 2017