Madrid : Public transport networks

Description of the network:

The public transport system for the Madrid region is a complex inter-modal system, consisting of various modes of transport: city and suburban buses, metro, light rail and suburban rail services.

Two large subsystems can be detected:

• The urban area of the city of Madrid: around 211 EMT city bus routes, 12+1 underground lines and one light rail line, and 95 suburban train stations.
• Metropolitan area of the region: 549 lines (117 city bus routes, 304 suburban day lines and 38 suburban lines), 4 underground lines and 3 light rail lines and 9 railways lines.

Both subsystems are connected by a series of large interchanges that surround the central area of the city of Madrid, channeling the radial mobility between the capital and its metropolitan ring. They are usually located on the major access roads to Madrid, thus linking with the services offered by the associated suburban bus, as well as the big national and international intermodal hubs (airport, railway and long distance bus stations, etc.).

General map(s) of the network(s)

Metro, Light rail, Suburban rail map 2021

Madrid Suburban rail network 2021

Presentation of operating companies

The public transport system has various operating companies, both public and privately-owned:

Two large subsystems can be detected

  • Metro de Madrid, S.A., which operates the underground system, is a public company owned by the Region of Madrid (100%), plus two sections under concession (metro Barajas S.A. and the rail compagny TFM).
  • EMT, which operates bus services in the city of Madrid, is wholly owned by Madrid City Council.
  • Private companies, 31 in total, operating 30 concessions of the suburban bus services. Most of them are grouped on Confebús association. There is also a municipal public company, EMT Fuenlabrada, which operates bus service of Fuenlabrada municipality.
  • Cercanías-Renfe, a public company dependent on the Spanish Ministry of Public Works, operates suburban rail services.
  • Light rail concessionaires: Metro Ligero Oeste S.A., Metros Ligeros de Madrid S.A. and Tranvía de Parla S.A.

In addition to these operators, there are a number of equally significant companies: the rail company TFM, concessionaire of the Line 9 underground extension; the MetroBarajas S.A. society, concessionaire of the connection of airport T-4 terminal; and the Fuenlabrada municipal bus transport company.

  urban buses suburban buses tramways metro heavy rail
nb of lines 211 City of Madrid & 117 urban other minicipalities 342 4 12+1 9
operators EMT & other urban operators 31 Metro Ligero Oeste,Metros Ligeros de Madrid,

Tranvia de Parla




Madrid urban buses EMT
Suburban buses associations Confebús
Tramways Metro Ligero Oeste Metros Ligeros de Madrid Tranvía de Parla
Metro MetroMadrid TFM Metro Barajas S.A.
Heavy Rail Renfe