Bilbao : Financing/Pricing data

Funding of public transport (2015)

The Consortium’s overall finance scheme is set out in the Finance Plan, a document providing a scenario of almost 40 years, a balanced and feasible system, and this is why current decisions are assessed as to their impact on finance.
The Finance Plan stabilises economic providing funds from the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia at around 40 million euros.

Providing funds peaked at 42.07 million between the year 2005 and 2014, whereupon it began to level off.

Fares (2016)

A common zoning scheme was approved in the year 2001, and this is the target reference for the operators.

The launch of the Creditrans Uniform Ticket (Billete Unico) in September 2000 was the first effective step in this direction following the agreements. Creditrans is a ticket with money to be used for travel, and each mode of transport deducts its fares for the journey made. The amount charged is that set out in each mode for “season” tickets (bonos). The Creditrans allows passengers to change modes at lower price, since 20% of the total price of the combined journey is deducted by the second operator.

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