Berlin : Financing/Pricing data

Funding of public transport (2015)

Ticket revenues in Berlin and Brandenburg. Regional railways incl. S-Bahn and public road transport (bus, tram U-Bahn) – 1.344 billion €

Subsidies for local and regional public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg – 1.513 billion €

Fares (2011)

The basic of the VBB-fare structure is a distance-dependently regional area fare which offers solutions for every demand. The ticket assortment is differentiated in ticket:

– valid for a day single and day tickets (both with regular and reduction tarif), different group tickets (e.g. Brandenburg –Berlin-Ticket)

– long term tickets. VBB-environment-tickets for different periods
Weekly ticket, monthly ticket, annual ticket, subscription ticket (adults, children and apprentices)

– Target-group-specific offers, special local arrangements and house fares in limited ranges are possible.

  • Individual ticket: between 1.20 € to 21.50 €
  • Daily ticket: between 2.50 € to 43.00 €
  • Weekly ticket: between 9.10 € to 60.00 €
  • Monthly ticket: between 28.00 € to 180.00 €
  • Annual ticket: between 271.60 € to 1,800.00 €
  • Senior ticket: between 547.00 € to 564.00 € (subscription)
  Single trip
Berlin AB
Day ticket
Berlin AB
Day ticket
VBB area
Monthly pass
Berlin AB
Monthly pass
VBB area
Normal fare 2.30€
(2 hours one way)
6.30€ 20.00€ 70.00€ 173.00€
Reduced fare 1.40€ 4.50€ pupil 27€
apprentice 50.00€
Short trip 1.40€
(6 busstops or 3 metro/S-Bahn stations)

Current Developments and Projects

To promote the economic, tourism and cultural exchange between Germany and its partners in the EU, attractive mobility offers between the countries are important. The VBB is involved in cross-border projects with the aim of expanding and improving transport connections and their communication:

Thus, the Round-Table of transport of the Oder-partnership between East German federal states and the western Polish provinces has been resumed. The Round-Table will continue the productive cooperation to improve the German-Polish rail traffic with an accompanying cross-thematic and multilateral information and discussion process.

A feasibility study that deals within the INTERREG project with inter-regional rail vehicle concepts for the mutual cross-border traffic to Poland is also processed, as well as the extension and interconnection of systems with real-time information.

Other projects are:

– INTERREG IVB project “Rail Baltica Growth Corridor”

The VBB is a partner in the project, which is co-funded within the Baltic Sea Region Program (2007 – 2013) of the European Union (INTERREG IVB). The project aims to strengthen the competitiveness and accessibility in the eastern Baltic region. In addition to measures to promote communication and cooperation, the goal is to push the development of transport between Finland, Poland and Germany with the Baltic States.

The VBB is the coordinator of the working package that deals with improving the timetables. For this VBB rely on the proven technology EU-Spirit, which is already the basis of the VBB-timetable Europe.


Exchange of experiences with Warsaw, Vilnius, Bucharest and Paris on the development of transport authorities. In the year 2011, the substantive work on the project was completed with a “Good Practice Guide” as a key outcome document. The guide presents good examples of the project partners and recommends imitating.