Results of the last mobility survey in Turin metro area

AMMT administers sample surveys every 2-3 years to analyze mobility trends in the metropolitan area and the perceived quality of public transport modes, private car and bicycle. Data series are used to implement future policies on mobility planning. 11 editions of the survey have been administered. Nine editions (from 1991 to 2010) have been focused

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About Torino Public Transport Authority

The Agenzia per la Mobilità Metropolitana is a consortium of functions instituted in 2003 by the Region Piemonte, the Province of Torino, the City of Torino, and the 31 Municipalities forming the Metropolitan Area. The whole transport system managed by the Agenzia supplies about 75 million vehicles*km and serves about 175 million of paying passengers

Turin prepares to host winter Olympics

In about 100 days, Torino will host the XX Olympic Winter Games that will take place from 10 February 2006. Organisation of world wide events welcoming thousands of visitors put a strong pressure on transport systems a wide range of projects are undertaken to face the expected demand, even if for winter Games, sports venues

GTT : a new public transport company for Turin

GTT (Gruppo Torinese Trasporti), the new transport company of the metropolitan area of Turin (1.5m inhab) was founded in January 2003 by the merger of ATM, the former municipal transport company of Turin, and SATTI, a company operating inter-urban lines. The new company, which employes 5,000 staff members, has a turnover of €800 million. It